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Hydronic Oil Fired Boilers

A new Oilheat system adds energy savings, value and comfort to your home.

Determining Age and Life Expectancies of Your Heating System

As you know, it can be difficult to determine equipment age, especially if you're dealing with a furnace or boiler that's a real old-timer. One way to determine a system's age is by checking the serial number; the date of manufacture is sometimes "hidden" within the serial number. Look for labels and tags too. The date of manufacture may be on a label, and it's possible that the installer tagged the system with the date of installation. As far as longevity is concerned, oil-fired boilers and furnaces can last for decades, unlike many home appliances that typically wear out in only a few years. The life span of heating equipment also depends on the quality of the maintenance and service it has received. Systems that receive necessary service and annual tune-ups will last longer than those that do not.

Consider an Equipment Upgrade as a Home Improvement with Energy Savings

Many homeowners make home improvements simply because what they need to fix is old. However, thousands of Americans are heating their homes with old heating equipment and doing nothing about it.

According to estimates by heating equipment manufacturer R.W. Beckett, there are a total of 3.3 million burners in the field over 20 years old, or about 35% of the installed base.

Replacing an old inefficient system with a modern Oilheat system can reduce heating bills by approximately 40%. At a minimum, the conventional burner could be replaced with a new flame retention head burner, saving the homeowner as much as 15% on annual fuel bills.

There are more benefits heating equipment upgrades yield:

  • A cleaner, more efficient and reliable system
  • Greater comfort and safety
  • Fewer service calls
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Increased property value



The Series WBV/WV™ residential, oil-fired boilers are available for use with both hot water and steam systems and designed for natural draft (chimney) venting. The fully-packaged or knockdown boilers are available in 3 sizes (3-5 sections) with 8 firing rates. Features of the Series WBV/WV™ boilers include a full plate swing-out door and convertible rear to top flue outlet (for 3 and 4 section boilers only). Honeywell operating controls, Taco circulators (water boilers) and probe type low water cut-off (steam boilers) are standard. A deluxe, insulated enameled steel jacket on all boilers reduces heat loss. The cast iron sections are assembled with steel push nipples and factory tested to assure a water tight seal.

Logano G125BE

                        Logano G125BE

The strength of the G125BE is the state-of-the-art Low-NOx Buderus BE Burner. The Buderus BE burner is designed to burn at lower temperatures than conventional burners and to re-circulate the combustion gases resulting in complete combustion and inhibiting the formation of NOx.The Logano G125 makes heating affordable and convenient. This low temperature boiler burns oil efficiently and almost soot-free. These boilers are suitable for detached houses and two-family homes. Thanks to the Buderus system design, they can be extended as required, for example by a solar thermal system or a hot water tank.



EXTENDED COIL FLANGE - Provides dependable operation while assuring easy servicing.

OVAL TUBE DESIGN - Makes possible the most efficient utilization of fuel, production of central heat and domestic hot water with the most economical transfer of energy.

COPPER DOMESTIC HOT WATER COIL - Provides the hot water you need when it is needed. The cost of a separate domestic hot water system is eliminated.

COMBUSTION CHAMBER - Ceramic fiber combustion chamber utilizes space age materials technology and is uniquely designed to effect a tight seal with the heat exchanger. Chamber is easily serviced from front of the unit.

WARRANTY - Lifetime Limited Warranty.

ASME CONSTRUCTION - Designed, constructed and hydrostatically tested in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler Code Section IV.