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To Upgrade Equipment or Not?


When your roof leaks, you get a new one. When your carpet wears out, you replace it. But how do you know when it's time to upgrade your heating system?

Here are five questions to ask yourself to help determine if upgrading your boiler or furnace is right for you.

1. How old is my heating system?

If your furnace or boiler is older than 20 years, chances are it is a good investment to replace it with a high-efficiency model. Great River Company's experienced energy professionals can guide you in determining which system is right for you.

If your furnace or boiler is 10-20 years old, and you are experiencing discomfort or high utility bills, contact Great River for a free Home Heating System Evaluation. We can evaluate your existing system.

Also consider a replacement now if your system is one of the following:

Old coal burner that was previously switched over to oil or gas

Old gas furnace without electronic ignition. If it has a pilot light, it was probably installed prior to 1992 and has an efficiency of about 65% efficient (the least efficient systems today are 80%)

Old gas furnace without vent dampers or an induced draft fan (which limit the flow of heated air up the chimney when the heating system is off).


2. How well have I kept up my heating system?

Inadequate maintenance will mean a shorter life span for the equipment and can lead to premature failure, and prevent your system from running at peak performance. During an annual tune-up, a Great River service technician can advise you how efficiently and well your system is running.

3. Is my home being heated evenly?

You can detect cold pockets simply by walking through the house. Our certified technicians can determine the appropriate load and efficiency level for your home.

4. Have I remodeled my home recently?

If you've added on to your home recently, or are considering doing so, please give us a call. We can advise as to whether or not upgrading your heating system is recommended. If you've done energy efficient improvements to your home, such as doors, windows or insulation, we can consult with you on whether or not a heating system upgrade is needed.

5. How hot (or not) is my hot water?

Hot water shortages may occur from a change in lifestyle, number of people in the house, or problems with the heating elements. A new indirect water heater can give you virtually unlimited hot water all year long, at a very reasonable cost.

If the answers to the above questions lead you to believe that an upgrade is in order - or if you're still unsure - the next step is to talk to us. A Great River heating specialist will take time to evaluate your current heating system and collaborate with you on your specific needs and will offer recommendations that meet your needs and budget.